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Bursts of laughter filled Kumble Theater on Oct. 30 as actress/comedian Maria Costa presented her show “Macho Men” to LIU- Brooklyn. Costa travels all over the United States on a college tour to present her show. The show was nothing less than hilarious and her hands-on interactions with the crowd made the show fun and inviting.

Before the show began Seawanhaka saw first hand how Costa prepared herself for the show at the doors of Kumble Theater. Taking deep breaths, preparing to get into character, Costa tells Seawanhaka, “when you tour it’s quite different, we set-up, we rehearse, then we perform. But I still have my own rituals as a performer. Even if it’s just me in the car and I have in my headphones, I listen to certain kinds a music that inspire me.

Hispanic Heritage Month’s Comedy Night: Culture Through Comedy

Gator Times

October 12, 2015

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