Maria's Cuban Fire Lights up Cali

with Her Hit Latin Musical Comedy


May 2017


After touring worldwide in over 100 cities, Maria Costa returned to the West Coast with her hit Latin musical comedy, Macho Men and the Women Who Love Them 2.0 version at California State University Northridge's Campus Theater. The night was attended by over 375 people in a rich Latin and multi-cultural celebration through laughter, music, and dance.


The electrifying evening was a collaborative effort with co-producers, Oro Entertainment and CSUN's Asian American Studies Department who also title sponsored the fabulous night, which began with a pre-reception serving gourmet Cuban appetizers from Porto's bakery (see pictures above/below) followed by the show.  The event drew diverse Southern California audiences from Los Angeles to Bakersfield, as well as communities throughout the valley as well as cultures from various walks of life.


Throughout the 2.0 show, Maria discussed her mixed race heritage and growing up with a traditional Hungarian grandmother as well as her take on redefining feminism to include both traditional and modern values. Maria often jumps in and out of dance routines to assist in her story telling. She was joined onstage by renowned Cuban music and dance talent; Gonzalo "Chalo" Chomat of the Salsa orchestra Rumbankette, Rayymanis Garcia Reynoso of Cuba's famed Reggeaton group Kola Loca del General and Pedro "Muneco" Aguilar, one of Los Angeles's top premier Cuban dancer. 


While the performance entertained and engaged several communities across California who came out to experience Maria's Caribean spectacle, the evening also attracted several of CSUN's cultural groups. Dr. Teresa Williams - Leon Associate Chair of the AAS department who spearheaded the event at CSUN states, "Maria's appeal is international and crosses all borders. I have been getting feedback from faculty and students alike. They LOVED the show!   We had a great discussion in class yesterday about how to critically analyze stereotypes.   We also discussed how Maria's depictions of these multi-dimensional and complex (yet hilarious!!!) characters take us to the edge, make us question our own assumptions & prejudices and then enlighten us on the humanity, compassion, love and unity of the human condition.   There were several biracial/multiracial people in the audience so they loved that she brought in her Hungarian heritage along with her Afro-Cuban background... We've had two straight days of amazing class discussions!...  The fact that she (both Maria and her character) is married to a Salvadoran was perfect since we have the only Central American Studies Department in the country.  Many students from CAUSA (Central American United Students Association) were there.  I also received an email from someone who came from the community who thanked me for bringing Maria to campus.  The official count was 376 attendees on a TUESDAY night!!!  A large turn-out... and a huuuuuuge success!"


This event was made possible by the generous support of our sponsors, the Department of Asian American Studies and Central Amerian Studies. Co-Sponsors include; CSUN College o Humanities, CSUN Chicana/o Studies, CSUN English Dept., CSUN Women's Resource Center. Oro Entertainment thanks you all for this magical night!!



Album One                        Photo Credits: Rita Buan and Arturo Jr. Aseo

Rumba Dance Numer
Selfie Time
Audience Participation
Gonzalo Sings
Muneco Dances
Audiences Enjoy
Opening Number
Dr. Teresa Williams Introduces Maria

Album Two


Album Three

The Machos
Teresa and the fabulous AAS Team
Portos for everyone!
Audience Joins in on Stage
Producer Francisco Segovia

Album Four

Audience has a Big Laugh
Rumba Time!
Meet and Greet
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