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Latino Edutainment

Marriage, Family and Life


Maria truly believes in empowering and inspiring women and shares her experience as a change maker through speaking engagements at various university and college campuses in which she encourages entrepreneurship, education and healthy relationships. Maria has toured throughout over 90 organizations and campuses bringing her message of balancing being a career-driven woman with family.

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2015 Tour Poster
latinas Suny Plattsburg
Rutgers University
Q & A Rutgers University NY
Kings College & Wilkes College PN
group suny plattsburg
Albion College LASO
Rutgers University NJ Sigma Lamba Beta Fraternity


Empowerment Comedy Performance

Highly Interactive Empowerment Comedy/Dance Show

This highly entertaining, educational, and cultural experience combines comedy, theater, music, and interactive Latin dance. The performance promotes healthy relationships and identifies gender roles within Latino families, giving way for interactions that celebrate and honor traditional values in a modern world. Maria’s smart and funny comedic intellect and outrageous characters will leave your students, staff, and community empowered and inspired. In this program, Maria also tours with dynamic dancers who perform Reggaeton, Salsa, Merenge, and other Latin dances. Maria and her cast 

engage the audience and make them part of the act, as they are given the opportunity to act, dance, and improv throughout the show! This is truly a memorable event not to be forgotten by any who attend!


  • Healthy Relationships

  • Women’s Empowerment

  • Positive Self-Image


Please note: Clean version available upon request.


The Talk Back

Maria’s events also feature a post-show talk back/Q & A session and a meet-and-greet with Maria.

"Who I am and Who I Have to Be" - Humorous Keynote Speech


In this multi-media powerful keynote, Maria shares her journey of being a creative entrepreneur and humorously examines what it takes to create, fulfill, and achieve your dreams. 

Maria also addresses the submissive culture that disempowers women and specifically women of color from fully achieving their potential. This submissive culture leads to a lack of appreciation of natural body shapes and a disregard for women’s intelligence. These harmful ideals are perpetuated by massive media bombardment broadcasting societal messages of what is beautiful and how women need to behave and look.

The Messages:

  • Embracing Your Culture and Beauty

  • Being Unstoppable

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Dealing with Failure

  • Building Confidence

  • Defining Entrepreneurship

  • Moving Forward – Creating and Implementing a Plan of Action

  • The Importance of Healthy Relationships and Role Models

  • Own Your Beauty

  • Celebrating Diverse Body Shapes

  • Skin Color

  • Cultural Identity

  • Creating Success through Balance


  • Babson College, MA

  • Long Island University, NY

  • Bradley University, IL

  • Michigan Tech. University, MI (performance)

  • Michigan Tech. University, MI

  • Union College

  • Buffalo State College, NY

  • Cobleskill Cultural Arts Series, NY

  • Dameon College,

  • Eastern CT. Sate University, NY

  • Union College, Cranford NJU

  • Joseph’s College Long Island, NY

  • Univeristy of Florida, Gainseville, FL

  • Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

  • Holly Cross University, New York New York

  • Alfred University

  • Hobart and Williams University

  • Monmouth University, New York New York

  • Vassar University

  • Hartwick College, New York New York

  • Canisuis College Lehman College

  • Rutgers University 2nd Annual Performance

  • Grand Valley State University

  • Bradley University, IL –

  • Quinnipiac University

  • Western New England University

  • Goucher College

  • SUNY Plattsburgh University

  • SUNY Fredonia University

  • Hartwick College

  • Albright College 2nd Annual Show

  • Tufts University

  • Caldwell University

  • Pittsburgh University, PN

  • Williams College, MA

  • Penn State Bernard, PA

  • Kings College, PA

  • Wilkes University, PA

  • University of Michigan Anna Arbor, MI

  • Hofstra University, NY

  • Bronx Community College, NY – 2nd Annual Show

  • Albion College, MI

  • Western MI University, MI

  • Sunny Postdam, NY

  • Rochester Institute of Technology, NY

  • Suny Geneseo College, NO

  • Hamilton College, NY

  • Olive Harvey Middle College, IL

  • Western Illinois University, IL 

  • Albright University, PA 1st Annual Show

  • University of Chicago, IL

  • University of Illinois IL

  • Ferris State University, MI

  • The College of New Jersey, NJ

  • University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

  • University of Michigan – Detroit, MI

  • Anna Maria University, Connecticut

  • Stanford University Southern

  • Connecticut University Cal Arts

  • University, CA Scripps College, CA

  • Spring Rutgers – 3rd Annual Performance –

  • Holly Cross

  • Galas & Awards Shows, Comedy Festivals etc.

  • Urban Wheel Awards  

  • Co-Host with Morris Chestnut Kresge Foundation Fellow Induction Gala 

  • Key Note Speaker Fredonia High school 

  • Key Note Speaker Living Arts Community Gala 

  • Mistress of Ceremonies 

  • Tech Town Awards Gala – Winner Entrepreneur of the Month •

  • Key Note Speaker NAACP Theater Awards

  • Performance NCLR –

  • National Council of La Raza Conference 

  • Key Note Speaker Living Arts Community Gala 

  • Mistress of Ceremonies 

  • Tech Town Awards Gala – Winner Entrepreneur of the Month •

  • Key Note Speaker NAACP Theater Awards

  • Performance NCLR –

  • National Council of La Raza Conference 

  • Featured Panel Speaker – “Latinas in Media” 

  • Opening Performer for Paul Rodriguez – “NCLR Comedy Night” NALIP

  • National Association of Latino Independent Producers Conference

  • CHIRLA – Awards Gala • Mistress of Ceremonies 

  • Headlining Performer • Panel Conference Speaker CAAM – California African American Museum – Celia Cruz Exhibition Gala 

  • Mistress of Ceremonies Gala 

  • Headlining Performer Big Stinking Comedy Festival 

  • Featured Performer San Antonio Latino Laugh Festival 

  • Headlining Performer Armed Forces Tour 

  • Headlining Musical Comedy Performance Voted One of the Ten Best Armed Forces Performances of the Year 

  • AST Rotterdam

  • The Netherlands USAG Schinnen,

  • The Netherlands Spangdahlem AB

  • Germany USAG Ansbach, Germany

  • USAG Bamberg, German USAG Schweinfurt

  • German Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo Film City

  • Kosovo USAG Kaiserslautern USAG Stuttgart, Germany

  • Incirlik Air Base Naval Base Rota Moron Air Base

  • Spain NATO Base Madrid, Spain

  • Lajes Air Base, Terceira, Portugal


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