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Viva America

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Viva America




In Viva America, Costa brilliantly captures the multicultural voice of today’s America!


This exciting half-hour variety special now streaming on features the original, comedic and outrageous characters of actress/comedian Maria Costa. 


Maria humorously addresses social themes such as race relations, the economy, and immigration. She mixes edgy and witty point of view stand up style and portraying a line up hilarious multi-cultural characters of various political, economic and cultural backgrounds - who are also dealing with the topic in their quirky own way.   From Linda- a conservative soccer mom from the Midwest who believes in an “English only America” to Gigi - a Puerto Rican spitfire and mother of three the Maria leave no rock in the U.S. unturned in Viva.


Oro Entertainment was nominated for an Imagen Award, which honors excellence in Latino Film and Television for the project. 



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