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Motown Walk of Fame Star


Maria Costa is set to receive a Star on the Motown Walk of Fame along side Aretha Franklin, Eminem, Tim Allan and producer, Jerry Bruckheimer. Detroit is poised to have a Motown Walk to Fame to rival its west coast Hollywood namesake. The names of 100 honorees, to be honored with their own red granite pavers, were announced in a ceremony at the Virgil Carr Center in the city’s Harmonie Park district. Enshrined in history forever are well known names, Rosa Parks and others who have shaped the lives of Detroiters and the country such as comedian David Alan Grier, will also be honored.


The Walk to Fame will honor notable persons of distinction. It will consist of high-tech internet information such as a mobile phone app with “augmented reality” along with the history of each honoree and a five-pointed star marker physically mounted and embedded in cement or attached to a building with the name of the honoree as a monument to the person’s achievements in various fields.

Its purpose is to celebrate Detroit culture, entertainment and history. The Walk to Fame project  stands as a historic-cultural monument, encourage city redevelopment, inspire local talent, and serve as an international tourist destination for South Eastern Michigan and the United States. Several projects are ancillary derived from the Walk to Fame project such as: Tour De’troit (cycling event), Marathon to Fame (runners), and Cruise to DeFame (Auto/Music) being launched in 2013 and 2014.

The idea in 2009 was launched by Chairman of Detroit Entertainment Commission, Gregory J. Reed, who conceptualized the Commission through the efforts of the Honorable Kwame Kenyatta and approved by City Council. Reed contacted Billy Wilson, President of the Motown Alumni Association in 2006 to assist with a similar concept.

Reed appointed a Walk to Fame Committee to flesh out the idea and the architectural firm of Shull and Scott was consulted to develop some specific proposals. Once a proposal was agreed upon, the concept proceeded to the newly-formed Entertainment Commission to secure the approval of the City Council for further action in the formation. These plans were crystallized and submitted to the Detroit City Council in 2009. The Council embraced the idea. Thereafter, Compuware became involved with various meetings with Chairman Reed via of introduction from Commissioner Chuck Bennett and thereafter the Detroit Historical Museum was consulted.

The concept started in 2003 and thereafter formulated in 2009 with Donald Davis, CEO for First Independent Bank of Detroit, O’Neil Swanson of Swanson Group and Architect, Ray Shull who came together to head up the project under its corporation and thereafter, Abe Kadushin and his team moved forward with the project.

The Detroit Entertainment Commission proposed the Detroit Walk to Fame to the City of Detroit Council in 2009, and the resolution was passed.

And yes, the public may attend the induction ceremony of honorees.


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